About the Women's Wealth Forum

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    March 21, 2018
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    State Room | Boston, MA
  • 10 Speakers

    Profession, Friendly

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About the Women's Fintech Forum

Women are responsible for some of the most innovative products and successful teams in fintech. The Women’s Wealth Forum is a space where female founders and executives are honored and can offer mentorship to the next generation of fintech innovators.

The Women’s Wealth Forum is a place where women can learn to be more financially empowered in their own lives as well as boost their careers. Speakers will discuss financial inclusion for women, stories of female founders, and how women have grown some of the most successful companies in finance.

As a forum, we want to foster discussions surrounding the challenges and successes women face in the fintech space to that end, we’ll have a series of panels as well as roundtable discussions. These will be breakout sessions that attendees will rotate through several times throughout the day, offering networking and the opportunity to learn directly from leaders in the space at the same table.